The Ultimate Space Gift – CubeSats & Launch Slots

First off – What is a CubeSat?

Cubesats are very small satellites that are mainly used for research purposes. Each CubeSat is made up of an assembly of components that are typically 10 x 10 x 10 cubic cm. As well as the size contraints, the weight of a cubesats should not exceed 1.33 kg. They are classified under Picosatellites but often referred to as nanosats or smallsats. These are placed into orbit from the ISS or even through launch vehicles as attached payloads.

TCubesat Launch Slotshe first models were created in 1999 by the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in the Stanford University Space Systems Development Lab.

The initial aim was to provide the students with easy and reliable access to space for research. The use of CubeSats is now not confined to students alone but also to companies and organizations both private and government.

The design was proposed by Jordi Puig and Bob Twiggs and a range of unit sizes are now being developed around the world. To see some videos of current cubesat building, testing and deployment take a look at the CubeSat video website. Continue reading “The Ultimate Space Gift – CubeSats & Launch Slots”

Top 8 Kennedy Space Center Gift Ideas for 2016

Gifts & Gear From Kennedy Space CenterThere is something sad about the fact that a major space flight center is now virtually nothing but a mere tourist attraction.

It was from the Kennedy Space Flight Center that mankind started its journey to the stars, and although those glory days have largely been forgotten, some of it can be relived in the gift shop at the Center.

Here you can follow in the footsteps of the Brave as they ventured into the Great Unknown, or as some would have it, The Final Frontier.

The Space Program is dead, but for a price, anyone can take a piece of the Continue reading “Top 8 Kennedy Space Center Gift Ideas for 2016″

5 Great Gifts for Space Science Graduates

space gifts for studentsAs they take the first step toward their future career dreams in the final frontier, recent high school and colleage graduates are happy to accept gifts. There are many things they want for college, but it is best to give them things they will both want and need for their aerospace related course.

For example, as well as surfing the fun space related toys and collectables on the web, students in the fields of astronomy or engineering and design may want a large computer screen or plasma television.

However, this gift is not practical for a dorm room. Continue reading “5 Great Gifts for Space Science Graduates”

Christmas Gift Options For Your Loved Ones

nasa space giftsAny holiday is one of those celebrations which usually involve a lot of celebration. Everyone is busy planning with regard to Christmas by redecorating their own home as well as Christmas trees and shrubs with lights.

The other point that is very important in the Christmas season is buying items for one’s loved ones. Finding special and different gifts and presents every year is very a task. And it should also generally be anything which is appreciated through the person, since it is Xmas. And you would not want to let down someone with your gift. Continue reading “Christmas Gift Options For Your Loved Ones”

Northern Lights Pendant and Our Fave Space Jewelry

Some of the recent space gifts I have been following on eBay: Take a look at some of the products we inherited from the privous site owners and let us know if these are really spacey gifts you would buy or just tacky jewels for the space related vanity crowd. We love them regardless, take a look and let us know… Continue reading “Northern Lights Pendant and Our Fave Space Jewelry”

SpaceForm Gifts – Buying Personalized Space Stuff

gift--621x414Want to create a specific space related gift for a loved one, or need to produce fun certificates, images or personalised mugs, cups or pic frames?

Then SpaceForm gifts are actually contemporary high quality glassware that can be used as a gift item for a special occasion or just simply to say I love you. These lovely products made of glass prove to be thoughtful gift items.

Spaceform gift items are contemporary, which means they represent the current times plus they are unique. Rather than gifting the ubiquitous card, why not gift someone an exquisite space form gift. These unusual gift items often come wrapped in stylish boxes. Continue reading “SpaceForm Gifts – Buying Personalized Space Stuff”