5 Great Gifts for Space Science Graduates

space gifts for studentsAs they take the first step toward their future career dreams in the final frontier, recent high school and colleage graduates are happy to accept gifts. There are many things they want for college, but it is best to give them things they will both want and need for their aerospace related course.

For example, as well as surfing the fun space related toys and collectables on the web, students in the fields of astronomy or engineering and design may want a large computer screen or plasma television.

However, this gift is not practical for a dorm room. Think about what students will be doing and how much space they have before buying a gift. The following five points provide some helpful ideas.

1. Food Gifts

New college students quickly learn to appreciate free food. The meals in the cafeteria may not be very good, and most students use their campus food points for coffee to keep them awake during classes. Since few college students have money to buy delicious meals every day, they really appreciate any food gifts they get. Some dorms allow safe electric grills, so steaks make good gifts. There are plenty of gift packages that include steaks, burgers, pork chops and other goodies. Students love these gifts, and they are very affordable.

2. College Survival Kit

There are always a few things new college students do not think to pack. However, they quickly realize the need for these items after arriving. The following items are good to include in such a kit: Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, a mold-resistant toothbrush case, a portable shower caddie, a roll of quarters, antibacterial hand wipes and silverware. When college students must use communal laundry machines, quarters are like gold to them.

3. Campus Gear

space book giftsTo give a recent graduate a gift that shows some extra thought, find out what college the student will be attending. Fortunately, most campus bookstores also offer online shopping. Anyone can order shirts, hats, pens and other campus merchandise. If the student has a car, it may also be nice to buy him or her a campus parking pass. For students who are harder to figure out, simply purchase a campus store gift certificate.

4. Dorm Accessories

If gift buyers do not know for sure what decorations a graduate wants, it is best to avoid these items. However, space-saving totes, closet racks or drawer sets are always welcome gifts. When students arrive in their dorm rooms, they quickly realize how precious space is, so anything that conserves it will be valuable to them.

5. Gift Certificates

As mentioned before, students love free food. Find out what restaurants or stores a student likes. Call or go online to find out how to obtain gift certificates. Many grocery stores sell various gift cards to retail stores and popular chain restaurants. Some companies also offer convenient online purchasing and free shipping for gift cards.

Computers, cars or other lavish gifts and space related ideas that college students love the most are out of most peoples’ budgets. If all else fails, cash is a good backup gift from the official NASA KENNEDY website. Students may spend it or save it, but money is always a welcome gift to youngsters and even space entrepreneurs who are on tight budgets whilst navigating their journey to the stars…